WEBINAR: From Open Banking to Open Finance for SMEs: A Real Success Story with outstanding KPIs

The scope of Open Banking, initially starting with payment account access, has been broadened to a wider range of financial services products.

Open Finance operates on the same principles as Open Banking, with access based on permissions and licenses, and it improves significantly the more data there is available for processing.

These solutions can meet the diverse needs of SMEs by offering faster and easier access to financing options. Yet SMEs are out of the loop. We will highlight new perspectives with our Webinar.

Interested in concrete examples?


  • The guest speaker Jacob Morgan - Principal Analyst at Forrester – focusing on how SMEs are using Open Banking and Open Finance to drive business value

  • The guest speaker Marco Montagnani - CEO & Founder of STEP 4 BUSINESS – sharing the STEP 4 BUSINESS Success Story

  • Leonardo Piva - Business Development CRIF Digital – providing some key takeaways about Open Banking and Open Finance

Please click on the following link to register: https://crifevents.wufoo.com/forms/from-open-banking-to-open-finance-for-smes/

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