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ESG Assessment & Sustainability

In future, every company must live up to its sustainable and social responsibility. Making this transparent is one of the essential goals of the EU's climate policy and the regulators. Banks will classify companies according to ESG criteria. Companies will rate their supply chains accordingly.
If everyone does this on their own, the effort is enormous. If we do it together - if everyone discloses their criteria and allows the others to access them - we enable an efficient and fast solution.

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Europe has set itself a big goal: To be the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. Our European Green Deal to which we have all committed ourselves.

ESG-compliant business requires legal transparency, which gives the issue the necessary seriousness and urgency. For financial institutions, the evaluation of companies according to ESG criteria is already mandatory under EBA regulations. This will also apply to companies under the Supply Chain Act in the near future.

CRIF Group sees it as its responsibility to use its know-how and technology to play its part in achieving the Green Deal. To this end, we have developed a solution that makes it easy for any company to assess itself according to ESG criteria in compliance with the rules and to make this information accessible.

As a globally active information service provider, we offer a neutral mutual platform to simplify the documentation and recording of sustainability measures. This PaaS (Platform as a Service) approach is the best choice for the two target groups of financial institutions as well as for companies in other sectors. It promotes transparency between companies and also increases the attractiveness for new customers, credit institutions and investors. Via the ESG platform, each company has the opportunity to invite its suppliers to disclose their respective sustainability measures with the help of the questionnaire. The results are accessible and transparent to all participants via the ESG platform.
This allows the company's own supply chain to be assessed and presented quickly and very efficiently. Of course, any company can also use the service of the ESG platform itself without invitation, fill out the questionnaire and proactively present the results to its own customers.

The questions of the questionnaire are based on the standards of the independent Global Reporting Initiative.
The ESG questionnaire is divided into two sections - ESG General and ESG Industry Specific and covers the four main areas of Business, Environmental, Social and Governance.

The ESG Platform makes it possible to collect all ESG information and exchange it in a structured way. The offensive for a climate-neutral Europe starts now.

In Germany, the ESG platform will go online this year.

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